EcoWattle Erosion Control Logs

Product Description

EcoWattle erosion control logs have been called the best degradable erosion control log on the market and have successfully controlled sediment and erosion on TxDot projects, Wind Farms, Transmission Lines, Pipelines & many other construction projects since 2010.

Superior erosion control logs manufactured in Tyler, Texas, weed free, wood-mulch-filled EcoWattles combine high weight & ground-conforming flexibility to control erosion and sediment better than straw logs and silt fence. EcoWattles are the right choice for erosion and sediment control for every project where dirt is disturbed.


Fill Material:

Fully de-barked, ground and screened East Texas pine. Weed-free, less than 2% fines.

Containment Material:

• Polyethylene (PE) Netting – UV (photo) degradable in 2 – 3 years in most locations; tensile strength: +/- 59 psi.

• Bio Sock – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with a degrading “trigger” added. Engineered to maintain 100% of its strength for 6 months after installation then the trigger starts the degradation process. Fully degraded in 18 – 24 months; tensile strength: +/- 46 psi.

• “Natural” Netting – material: tencel (wood fiber); 100% biodegradable in 1 – 6 months depending on environment; tensile strength: +/- 41 psi.